Transformation of a 100 year old company

As a global technology solutions company that’s just about to turn a century old, Avnet is not resting on its laurels. The Fortune 500 company, which started in the year 1921 in Radio City, New York, realizes that while their vision to help customers with the technology they need is well suited for all times, the technology itself keeps changing, and with that thought, Avnet is facing its transformation journey head on.

Bill Amelio, CEO, Avnet spoke to Anand Swaminathan, EVP & Global Industry Leader - Communications, Media and Technology, Infosys on the transformation journey that he is driving at Avnet. Bill elaborates on the four management zones – Performance, Productivity, and Incubation Zone, being the first three. The final zone, which he calls the Transformation Zone, is where you pick the one thing that you think can change the company and in Avnet’s case, this one thing is Internet of Things (IoT). Bill also gives a few examples on why this approach has been successful in their organization.

You can view the complete video here.