Case Study

BT becomes more responsive with customer-friendly application

Openreach, part of BT Group, maintains the local network for 30 million customers in the UK. It provides last-mile access for retail customers and businesses.

The Flow system of Openreach was overwhelmed with a Million+ active customer orders. The application required manual intervention leading to delay in provisioning service and sub-par customer service.

Flow used 300+ virtual machines (VMs) to serve upstream and downstream components of the fulfilment engine. The app used Solaris, Linux, and Oracle versions which had reached their end of service life.

Infosys leveraged its experience of designing Flow to transform the application into a nimble system that managed Million+ live orders.


The Solution

Automation for customer engagement

Leveraged proprietary robotic process automation solution and bot factory to accelerate delivery

Infosys capitalized on predictive monitoring to prevent errors, minimized revenue loss by aligning business product line and network delivery, and ensured 24x7 coverage with an escalation mechanism.



Transformation via automation, DevOps, and system rationalization

Infosys rationalized obsolete systems and developed a lean IT landscape.

Cultivating customers
Our solution enabled a convenient customer experience by eliminating pain points in the know-your-customer (KYC) process. Over 15 years, the Infosys team mapped customers, developed a service road map, and deepened customer engagement.

Optimizing processes
Infosys implemented predictive monitoring to ensure first-time-right outcomes. Our team optimized workflows to ensure faster processing.

Adopting zero distance
Zero touch order progression monitoring converted a high touch, manually intensive solution into an automated system.

Delivered a superior customer experience

  • Generated £ 4.7 million in revenue savings
  • Improved deployment cycle time by 86%
  • Ensured up to 82% automation and eliminated incidents by 80%
  • Freed up 1.5x capacity by decommissioning servers, thereby generating savings of £ 3.9 million
  • 100% compliance with SLAs and KPIs, achieved average monthly SLA of 96% against target of 85%