Case Study

Openreach Streamlines Desk Workflow Management with Robotic Process Automation

Openreach, a subsidiary of BT Group, operates the fiber broadband infrastructure of the United Kingdom. The company offers phone, broadband and ethernet services through 690+ communications providers. A team of 35,000 engineers installs, supports and maintains the fiber network connecting tens of millions of homes and businesses in the UK.

The operations landscape was characterized by service providers using disparate manual processes to undertake fieldwork. It led to high wait time for service providers, a subpar service experience, and an escalation in the total cost of operations.

Infosys developed Enterprise Intelligent Virtual Assistant (EiVA), a chatbot powered by AI to help ISPs interact with the network operator. The chatbot provides job updates / orders and performs transactional tasks such as rescheduling appointments.

The Infosys team also developed a Heads-Up Display (HUD) intuitive desktop to enhance the responsiveness of agents at customer support. Our team incorporated robotic process automation into the HUD to streamline the workflow and optimize desk agent utilization.


The Solution

Robotic process automation

Chatbot minimized intervention by service agents

The chatbot undertakes validations, updates status of jobs, notifies pending action. Significantly, it empowers agents with self-service capabilities and enables them to raise service tickets and allocate skilled technicians.



Automation orchestrated a streamlined workflow


Estimated savings of £0.5 million in annual operational expenditure across agents and support staff.


Accelerates resolution in service and turnaround time by approximately 50%.


Chatbot solution can be reused to automate manual processes. Common set of reusable process bots have been reused across products (we have reused 40% functionalities across products).

Seamless Integration

Desk Ninja allows integration with existing automations and does not need rewriting irrespective of technology.

Chatbot streamlines workflow and automates desk agent tasks

  • Streamlined and automated workflow
  • Reduced cost of service
  • Boosted productivity of customer support
  • Simplified single channel for self-serve