Case Study

Openreach work allocation tool streamlines fiber network operations

Openreach, a subsidiary of the BT Group, operates the fiber broadband infrastructure of the United Kingdom. The company is connecting tens of millions of subscribers in the UK by installing fiber to the premises (FTTP).

Openreach wanted a production planning tool to manage field engineering jobs. Accurate work allocation and smooth job management were critical for reliable fiber network operations.

Key Challenges

  • Inability to monitor activities undertaken by each field engineer for a specific job
  • Lack of visibility into job schedules

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The Solution

Work allocation tool drives smooth fiber network operations

Infosys implemented a work allocation solution for the fiber rollout program. It provides visibility into end-to-end engineering activities for the rollout and maintenance of the fiber cable network.

The work allocation tool enables Openreach field engineers to log their activities and close the job or pass it for the subsequent task. Further, it provides managers with an update of job status, including balance activities and the duration of task completion.

Our solution incorporates a mechanism for reporting and performance management at Openreach. Granular tracking of tasks from assignment to completion identifies top performers as well as field engineers who need further training.



Accountability for each task in a
field service job

Ability to estimate the time required for the
sequence of tasks in a job

Efficient tracking accelerates job completion

  • Ability to track tasks until job completion
  • Consolidated view of completed and pending activities
  • Supports gamification of field force management