Case Study

Telco rationalizes spend and boosts service assurance with ticket management hub

A technology and network service provider in Australia wanted to enhance its service assurance experience. The CSP commissioned several operational efficiency improvement programs to sustain its market leadership,

The telco undertook a project to consolidate multiple ticket and incident management systems by creating a ticket management hub. Infosys developed the digital hub and migrated legacy applications. The project team reused existing assets to rationalize spend.

  • Multiple legacy ticket and incident management applications
  • Complex digital certificate management
  • Sub-optimal operations productivity due to inefficient business processes

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The Solution

Smooth transition to the ticket management platform boosts user experience

Infosys developed a portal solution to manage tickets, appointments, and service requests. The solution supports diagnostic line tests and service outage management. We leveraged existing assets and applications across the enterprise and reused the existing ServiceNow instances for managing tickets across the mobility, voice, and broadband product portfolio. It streamlined the service operations process across the organization.

Our team eliminated the use of digital certificates and introduced two-factor authentication for login, which empowers users with self-service capabilities for access management. We built an entitlement framework to enforce role-based access in the portal. We developed a dashboard that offers visibility into the status of open fault tickets. Enhanced capabilities improved the quality of email notifications as well as the operations experience across the request-to-resolve value stream.

The ticket management platform serves as a unified destination to view service details, run real-time diagnostics, access service outage information, and create fault tickets. Intuitive navigation and convenient data access boosted productivity of the IT operations team. Significantly, a smooth transition to the portal enabled decommissioning of legacy applications, delivering significant OpEx savings to the telco.



360-degree view of customer tickets across backend assurance platforms

~ 95% of customers accessed the hub within a week from deployment

Streamlined process and simplified architecture support strategic goals

  • Agile team created ~ 200 epics / projects to accelerate delivery through prompt communication and process traceability
  • Project structure helped roll out five complex deployments in 12 months
  • Three feature teams of ~ 60 members achieved deployment milestones on time
  • Template-based ticket workflows expedited the ServiceNow onboarding process
  • Test-driven development approach minimized bugs