Short marketing message – context and relevance


Wireless carriers must perform the role of 'experience providers' to realize the potential of mobile marketing. In an article in Mobile Marketer, Sandeep Chandrasekar Seshadri – an expert from Infosys, discusses how carriers can implement effective marketing campaigns with their deep knowledge of consumers and networks.

Contextual marketing

Wireless carriers can deliver the right message at the right time and place by using information about demographics, localization, time, and usage preferences.

Increased relevance

Carriers can provide relevant and interactive services by gathering information and intelligence about subscribers. User, context, and location relevance enables innovative mobile marketing approaches such as proximity marketing through WiFi and Bluetooth.

Our expert adds that wireless carriers must respect the privacy of subscribers by inviting them to opt in for services. In addition, carriers must provide a platform to address the challenges of diversity of devices and delivery channels.

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Sandeep Chandrasekar Seshadri, Senior Business Analyst, Infosys Limited

Sandeep Chandrasekar Seshadri, Senior Business Analyst, Infosys Limited

Sandeep works on new product development in broadband, convergence, and wireless value-added services. His areas of interest include Web 2.0, wireless market trends, and convergence. He can be reached at

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