Disaggregation and Virtualization in 5G

Virtualization is a mandate for 5G, but there’s a higher purpose for 5G than squeezing more cost out of the network. This requires an innovation platform built on cloud-native architecture principles that can enable new network slices and fail fast modes of operation. And disaggregating software is the key to creating and managing such a platform and driving new revenue opportunities of the 5G future. Achieving the right level of disaggregation is the true art within the science of Cloud Native. This is where Software-defined networking(SDN) comes in. SDN is the latest technology in the communication and networking space, where inventions have consistently propelled changes. SDN is being embraced by all key players and is being touted as one of the most required components in building the enterprise of the future. SDN primarily brings more programmability to otherwise inflexible networks. However, due to its disruptive nature, SDN faces some transitional challenges in adoption. Infosys Engineering Services offers an approach and solution that speeds up SDN adoption by endeavoring to alleviate most of these challenges.