5g business opportunities for Retail, CPG, and Logistics

Impact on e-commerce

5G accelerates omnichannel e-commerce, enhances digital shopping via augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), and makes e-payments secure and fast. AI-enabled chatbots provides instant responses to consumers, while IoT and machine learning speeds up e-commerce automation.

Impact on retail and CPG  

5G can provide customers with an immersive experience through AR and VR. Embedded sensors offer real-time visibility into stock inventory. Virtual assistants and voice commerce, enabled by 5G's low latency, enhance the customer experience.

Impact on logistics

5G's high bandwidth combined with connected sensors enable last-mile drone delivery. In the railroad sector, 5G provides real-time visibility to improve signaling, enabling shorter distances between trains. 5G also enables autonomous trucks with safety features such as collision avoidance, which accelerates freight delivery. IoT sensors enable predictive maintenance of the vehicle fleet, including AR- and VR-supported repairs.

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