White Papers

Distributed WMS as a strategic tool

Though distributed warehouse management system (DWMS) is one of the most powerful solutions provided by Oracle, it remains relatively unexplored. This paper provides details on how this can be used as a strategic...


Banks Regulatory Reporting Compliance – The Challenges and the Solution

The current era of global and interdependent financial systems has led to increased scrutiny with stricter and more complex regulations. Regulators, besides shortening the turnaround...


Integrated Profitability Analytics – The Need, Struggles, and Future

Profitability has always been one of the most important and challenging concepts for the financial industry. Challenges have been intensified with...


Coalition loyalty: Loyalty’s new definition

Coalition loyalty has been gaining fast traction across the world and has already witnessed success with a number of renowned brands in...


How to extract incremental data using Oracle ERP Cloud

Data extracts for outbound interfaces from an IT system usually require back-end access with INSERT or UPDATE rights. These kinds of data extracts...


Shrink Resolution Times with Field Service Automation (FSA)

The end goal of any organization is a satisfied customer. The process of locating, procuring and transporting the ingredients needed to achieve this goal is the core function of supply chain management. Medium to large sized...


Charting the course for a smooth global rollout

A global rollout often involves organizations attempting to deploy their central applications in multiple countries. However, they often run into myriad challenges such as legal compliance, local intricacies, adoption, and legacy systems. These...


How to optimize close cycle with Hyperion Financial Management

The advent of sophisticated computing has led companies to aspire to a ‘virtual close.’ Recent studies conducted by the Hackett Group suggest that companies in the top ten percent close their financial books in less than five days...


Oracle Eloqua marketing cloud: Delivering exceptional customer experiences

In an increasingly competitive market, Customer Experience (CX) management seems to be the buzzword in most organizations today. In the absence of personalized and engaging experiences, there are very high possibilities...


Key Drivers and Design Principles for COA

A well structured Chart of Account (COA) is a pre-requisite to extract maximum value from Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Our experts propose a structured methodology in a four stage project-oriented approach to design and...


Dovetailing Business Process Re-engineering to ERP Transformations - A Systematic Approach

Companies that implement ERP must dovetail Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) activities to extract maximum benefits from ERP investments. The initial phases of ERP implementation can be suitably adjusted...


Realizing the Business Value of EAI

Well-planned, well-executed EAI initiatives have the potential to deliver considerable business benefits to an organization. Why, then, do most EAI implementations meet with limited...


Global Shared Support Service: A Viable Model?

As most large organizations have moved over to customized packaged products such as SAP, Oracle, Siebel, i2, etc., the experience gained in supporting them can be leveraged by the shared...


Program Management Office: The Core Engine to Drive a Successful Global Program

Mergers and acquisitions, adoption of a global value chain, and expansion to new markets are competitive business growth strategies deployed by most businesses for going global. Program...


Harmoniously Implementing HRMS on top of Existing Fin, CRM, SCM Modules

Complete HR modules implementations are on the rise due to the focus on workforce excellence. Any modification in the Core HR setup can impact other existing modules...


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