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Infosys AssistEdge drives contact center efficiencies for British Telecom

"The bottom line is simple: AssistEdge makes the job of an agent more straightforward. And that means they are more efficient."

It can make or break a brand. It can boost or shrink revenues. It can cultivate or blight growth. The customer experience is a key factor in the future of any business.

As part of the BT Group, Openreach provides the local access network, and is responsible for delivering and improving the infrastructure that underpins the communications industry in UK. The 30,000 plus strong team installs, supports, and maintains the infrastructure that enables the delivery of data, broadband, TV, and voice services to more than 29 million consumers and business connections across UK.

Ian Chatfield, Customer Experience Director, Openreach Service, comments, “Customer experience is very important to us – particularly due to the challenging market in which we operate. But it can be very hard to drive an exceptional experience and to ‘monetize’ improvements.”

“To respond effectively to these queries, agents require access to a range of information, which is distributed across multiple different systems," reveals Chatfield.

With the engineers calling on 11,000 homes and offices a day, Openreach required a rapid solution to help simplify its existing processes. “Our fragmented approach was not only inefficient but it was harming our business and the customer experience,” adds Chatfield.

Openreach needed to simplify and unify information access for customer service agents. But it needed to be achieved without the expense and effort associated with a systems rationalization program.

Infosys AssistEdge stood out due to its flexibility, which would enable Openreach to not only speed up the initial modeling of the user interface but also simplify future changes.

From the beginning, service agents working at these centers were seeing the benefits. “The bottom line is simple: AssistEdge makes the job of an agent more straightforward. And that means they are more efficient,” comments Chatfield.

User acceptance is a key to the successful uptake and success of customer experience improvement programs, the feedback from the operators has been quite positive.

With staff spending less time clicking between different system views, Openreach can now focus more time on value-added activities. This is not only good news for the customers but also boosts staff satisfaction – a key factor in the contact center sector.

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