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Openreach and Infosys win the 'Digital Transformation Project of the Year' award at the GSA UK Awards London, 2017

Openreach (formerly a BT company) and Infosys have jointly won the ‘Digital Transformation Project of the Year’ award at the GSA (Global Sourcing Association) UK Awards. This award ceremony was held on 19th October, 2017 at the five-star Intercontinental Park Lane, London. GSA UK committee had shortlisted...


A Design-Driven, Knowledge-Based Approach to CSP Digital and Business Transformation

Ovum has written on how Infosys is driving forward with a wide range of internal changes and investments to reposition itself and make its offerings more appealing to the industry at large and the communications, media, and entertainment (CME) sector, especially as...


Ovum acknowledges Infosys as an innovative platform provider in line with the next wave of technical advancements

In this Vendor Service Review by Ovum, they have acknowledged that Infosys has begun the process of transforming from a traditional IT service supplier and outsourcer into an innovative platform provider in line with the next wave of...


Infosys Positioned as a 'Challenger' in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for IT Services for Communications Service Providers, Worldwide

Infosys has been recognized as a Challenger in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for IT Services for Communications Service Providers, Worldwide. The assessment authored by Jouni Forsman, Norbert J. Scholz and Amresh Nandan (*), evaluated 17 global vendors on current offerings and overall strategies, as well as their future initiatives and product roadmaps.


At Telstra, mobile CRM is a sales tool—and a selling point.

It is a challenging and exciting time in the enterprise mobility space, given the pace of change in the market and many organizations thinking about how they can best leverage these developments

Published with permission from Profit Magazine


Operations Transformation and Simplifications Enabled by vCPE

vCPEs provide a great opportunity for service providers to reduce costs by eliminating specialized hardware customized for specific services, and to reduce operational/installation costs by...


Infosys helps SITA win Oracle's Sustainability Innovation Award

Infosys partnered with SITA and enabled them to take significant strides in reduction of carbon footprint, energy savings, reduced use of paper, reduced CPU usage time due to efficient process and overall reduced environmental impact.


Alternatives to static product bundling: Usage-based discounting and dynamic bundling

Trends in the digital space have changed the competitive landscape in the telecom industry. Services such as the SMS, MMS, and voice calls, which...

Published with the permission of TMForum


Infosys wins innovation award

Openreach agents required quick access to a range of information distributed over more than 40 different systems. Openreach worked with Infosys to deploy a solution without having to undergo a costly and time-consuming legacy system modernization transformation.


Staying Ahead of the Curve - Monetizing Big Data Insights with Oracle

Watch the webcast by Infosys and Oracle and find out how to stay ahead of the curve in the communications industry by monetizing big data insights.


Is it time to embark upon product simplification?

Communication service providers (CSPs) are in constant threat from new agile entrants and changing consumer patterns. To survive, they need to constantly innovate by offering new and simplified products. This paper seeks...

Published with the permission from TM Forum


The ATM relocates to the mobile phone

Mobile-based payment service offers a safe mechanism for trade, while ensuring inclusive growth.


Portability – a win-win proposition for CSPs and customers

Mobile phone networks must understand the impact of portability on call routing, billing systems, event-to-cash processes, and operations.

Published with the permission of Voice&Data


Think on your feet with enterprise mobility

Mobile-enabled enterprises that integrate Web 2.0 and social media with new business models and technology platforms can gain a competitive advantage.

Published with the permission of Wireless Week


Short marketing message – context and relevance

Wireless carriers can help marketers implement effective mobile marketing campaigns by capitalizing on the rich knowledge of subscribers and networks.

Published with the permission of Mobile Marketer


Joining the dots of social networking for CSPs

How can communications service providers harness the potential of social networking? Experts from Infosys propose a social networking platform that enables interaction, provides opportunities for commerce, opens revenue streams for rich content, and facilitates targeted advertising.

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