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Infosys – extending the boundaries of cable TV interaction

Infosys – Extending the boundaries of cable TV interaction

Infosys showcased new and innovative ways in which consumers may experience television in the future via natural user interfaces at ‘Imagine Park’ – an interactive, high-profile event for introducing and demonstrating new innovative products and services at The Cable Show, Boston, May 22, 2012.

Rather than using a remote control, Infosys demonstrated how new-age digital consumers could use voice, facial-recognition, and simple gesture-based movements to access and discover their personalized content on their set-top box, using Kinect-like controllers.

Natural user interfaces (NUI); touch, voice, video, and gesture interfaces in devices ranging from smartphones and tablets to peripherals such as video game consoles provide an opportunity for cable companies to deliver quick and personalized interactive customer experiences.

"Cable television innovation is crucial to serve the growing number of over-the-top video consumers and gamers who expect rich, interactive, personalized viewing experiences; and natural user interfaces are the next step in the evolution of TV entertainment," said Viroo Mirji, Industry Principal for US Communications, Cable and Media Consulting Practice at Infosys.

Infosys has a range of new products and platforms to help improve the customer engagement and help monetize solutions – the two key challenges for cable operators today. For example, Flypp for TV is a turnkey solution from Infosys based on cloud for launching a portfolio of TV apps with interactive experiences around lifestyle themes like travel, fashion, TV shows, celebrity and entertainment, sports, food and cooking, interior design, and home improvement. The Flypp solution enables new in-app monetization models (including T commerce and brand advertising) on the strength of ecosystem partnerships with top digital brands, content publishers, and ISVs across the globe. Indeed, we are extending the boundaries of cable TV interaction via simple NUI.

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