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Is it time to embark upon product simplification?

Communication service providers (CSPs) are in constant threat from new agile entrants and changing consumer patterns. To survive, they need to constantly innovate by offering new and simplified products. This paper seeks to explain product simplification – its feasibility, roadblocks and other important considerations for success.

The authors of this paper have expressed their view on the need for product simplification, its relevance to communication service providers and how they can go ahead with this initiative. Highlighted are some key considerations, pitfalls, and critical steps to ensure the implementation of a successful initiative.

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Sunil Kumar Ojha

Sunil Kumar Ojha, Group Project Manager – Energy, Communications and Services, Infosys

Sunil is a seasoned IT management professional with more than 13 years of rich experience in telecom industry. He has managed various large and complex transformation programs for leading telecom service providers across US, Europe and APAC region. He holds a bachelor degree in engineering from North Bengal University, India. He can be reached at

Manish Juneja

Manish Juneja, Lead Consultant – Energy, Communications and Services, Infosys

Manish is a seasoned consultant and management professional with over eight years of experience. He has worked with multiple service providers across the globe in the areas of product consulting, product portfolio planning, product rationalization, product catalogue solution implementation and product lifecycle management. Manish holds an MBA in marketing and finance from Symbiosis Institute of Telecom Management, Pune, India and a bachelor’s degree in electronics and communication from Punjab Technical University, India.

He can be reached at

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