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Infosys helps SITA win Oracle's Sustainability Innovation Award

Infosys partnered with SITA for the SITA Strategic Financial Systems (SFS) program that saw a massive transformation in the client's finance and procurement systems and had an impact on over 300 legal entities. This harmonization of all entities into a unified global process template aided in the retirement of numerous legacy platforms, thereby substantially reducing the 'hardware real estate'. While numerical data does not exist, this has substantially contributed in terms of the reduction of carbon footprint, energy savings, reduced use of paper, CPU time due to efficient process, and an overall reduction in its environmental impact.

Infosys had the end-to-end responsibility and ownership of executing the SFS program. SITA oversees the SFS program to continue to deliver efficiency improvements and effort reductions year-on-year due to the process improvements initiated. The system and solution have been built to scale smoothly and to accommodate more users and legal entities on an ongoing basis. As a result, the system will continue to deliver a reduction in carbon footprint.

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