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Cable and satellite

Adding delight today, enhancing innovation for the future

Cable multiple system operators (MSOs) are staring at the changing face of a convergent industry. It's a clash now of content versus context, daily disruptions versus timely innovations, and ‘immersive’ experiences versus ‘lean back’ viewing. With the digital evolution here to stay, enterprises must channelize information technology to aid them in crafting a future where they deliver performance, delight and entertainment – in ways only they can.

Challenges and opportunities

Anytime, anywhere, any device content delivery: MSOs have developed a complex system of services, which allows them to deliver solo services or bundled services that could include television, Internet, telephony, and mobile services. They must now strategize and find the right mix to amplify their chances of winning across channels and technologies.

Between technologies and expectations: With newer digital devices, Internet TV and WiMAX flooding the market, consumers are demanding more. MSOs must address their limited bandwidth and explore new services like HD and 3D TV to enhance customer experience and boost existing revenues.

How Infosys delivers value to cable and satellite enterprises

Infosys works with eight of the top nine cable MSOs in the US, and has been the strategic partner of choice for leading cable MSOs who trust us with reshaping their business and IT. Ensuring customer satisfaction is at the heart of what we do for cable enterprises. Through our engagement models and proprietary frameworks, we measure outcomes which go much further than just cost. We work with clients to boost innovation and enhance their customer experience, creating outcomes that matter.

With years of marketplace experience under our belt, we have created a cable practice, which focuses on providing end-to-end business and IT solutions to cable MSOs. The practice has invested in developing key accelerators and a cable center of excellence (CoE) to address the needs of the cable segment:

Cable MSO lab: Harnessing deep technology and industry expertise, the MSO lab alters the pace of co-creation to enable rapid rollout of new services.

Customized test methodologies, test frameworks and test tools: Our test center of excellence provides end-to-end testing and validation services for applications / services, devices and networks – to help reduce testing cycle times across the MSO service offering stack.

Interactive TV application certification process framework: MSOs can leverage this service for faster time-to-market of new interactive applications posted by third-party developers and independent software vendors (ISVs).

Customized application development process: We provide a reusable framework for launching new applications on different type of devices – mobile, TV, tablets – and middleware.

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