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Adding efficiency today, enhancing co-creation for the future

Today’s wireline enterprises are faced with dwindling fixed line revenues, inherited system complexity and a landscape that constantly spawns new technologies and services. Visioning future orientations and reinforcing present foundations assume primacy now – enterprises must push for greater innovation, pull customers closer and keep operations at peak efficiency.

Challenges and opportunities

The digital impact: Faster broadband and access to the Web via mobile devices is changing the telecommunications landscape with ‘content peaks’. Smarter homes and organizations are getting more connected through applications, social media, cloud, and machine-to-machine (M2M) communications. Enterprise-wide innovation now holds the key to success – innovation in delivering excellent service, and innovation in developing new revenues from new business models and services.

Finding new growth avenues: There is a need for communication service providers (CSPs) to tap into new revenue generators, which take advantage of their network capabilities. One possibility is to act as service enablers: by being the go-to-market partner for numerous 'upstream' service providers for a range of services like payments, billing, order handling and customer care.

How Infosys delivers value to wireline enterprises

Infosys works with seven of the top ten CSPs worldwide, and our relationship with communications players spans the entire sector – telecom service providers, equipment providers and software vendors. Our clients trust us to reinvent and enhance their business, technology and operations. We go beyond cost to help them create a competitive edge by speeding up new service rollouts and service operations, which is vital, given the new and sometimes more agile competition emerging in the marketplace.

Infosys has created Industry Practices around key building blocks for CSPs such as fulfillment, assurance and billing. These practices provide solutions, frameworks and best practices across all layers, and are supported by strategic alliances and partnerships with the industry's leading players. With a global network of business and technology experts and domain consultants, we have rich expertise in the wireline communications sector, where we are breaking new ground with Infosys Communications Lab and a dedicated R&D arm in Infosys Labs.

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