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IoT Connected World : Security and Privacy

We are in a world where potentially everything is becoming digital, mobile and connected via the internet. These latest waves of technological changes will bring unprecedented opportunities, along with new risks, to business and society. It will combine the global reach of...


Embracing Microservices Architecture in Telecommunications

The telecommunications industry is in a transition phase. Physical networks are being replaced by digital ones. Moving beyond communications services, the sector is now providing industry-specific technology solutions. Sales, support, and delivery operations are transforming from...


Simplify integration through Hypermedia APIs in the Digital Economy

Next generation services and technologies (SDN/NFV, Cloud, IoT), B2B2X business models demand more active collaboration and integration with several north bound and south bound partners of digital ecosystem. Telcos are actively looking to exploit platform based business models to...


Conceptualizing and designing an active catalog solution for a CSP

Communication service providers (CSPs) are undertaking innovative initiatives to simplify their business architecture and reduce overall costs. The product catalog performs an important role in transforming...


Telecommunication - Embracing digital Apply 3D API strategy to get more digital dividend

A holistic 3D application program interface (API) strategy, should advocate a centralized design. To exploit the emerging API market, communication service providers (CSP) have ...


V-MVPD – the game, players, and the playing field

A virtual multichannel video programming distributor (V-MVPD) offers a broad range of premium video content, just like any other video service provider, over the Internet, but without having to own network infrastructure. This viewpoint examines V-MVPD in the context of the broadcast ecosystem, the different players, challenges, and opportunities for the incumbent service providers.


Software defined network powered by IT

Research indicates that by 2020, communications services providers (CSPs) will be carrying 120 exabytes of traffic from 25 billion hyper-connected devices. This unprecedented traffic growth will result in extensive adoption of cloud data centers. Cloud...


Architecting the real-time enterprise: Location-aware field service

Considering the millions of subscribers and thousands of cell towers, telcos need significant churning of data before arriving at the approximate location of a person. Since revenue growth through voice and data services...

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