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"Infosys solutions passed quality tests with flying colors"

Infosys helped the Volkswagen Group of America transform processes to support rapid growth.


Robert G. Hillman, General Manager – After Sales IT Systems, Volkswagen Group of America

I'm Rob Hillman. I'm the After Sales IT General Manager for Volkswagen Group of America. My responsibilities include the after sales part of two countries, Canada and USA, and two brands – the Volkswagen brand and the Audi brand.

We have a global strategy, Strategy 2018, that's going to drive unit sales for all of the ten Volkswagen brands up to ten million vehicles. In the USA, for the Volkswagen brand, that means growth from where we are currently – last year around a quarter million vehicles – up to 800,000 vehicles by 2018. The first things that had to be put in place were our new organizations, new processes, and then, the IT system support of these new processes to support the growth plan.

We organized the effort into a couple of phases. First, we had to put the internal subject matter expert team in place. Then, we needed to bring in an IT partner to help us implement these.

On time, within budget

Infosys was able to compete for that business and win it with a cost-effective proposal. They demonstrated that they were able to deliver. It was a nine-month project from start to finish, and we finished it on time and on budget.

High quality

First of all, to complete the development, as we brought the solution into productive status, we had to check the quality of work of the Infosys team. To do this, we brought in an outside code review team from Kassel, Germany. The feedback we got there was that the code that was developed was of higher quality than the code that existed in the base code, and better documented. When we went through the user acceptance testing, all the tests were completed on time, and with minor defects that were corrected very quickly.

Domain and technology expertise

The Infosys team that came in had a good combination of business domain expertise as well as technical understanding. They were able to quickly understand the requirements and were able to translate those into high quality technical designs that passed our quality gates with flying colors. The Infosys team kept working to achieve our schedule, and we, from a business standpoint, were able to work through every single issue. We found them to be very flexible and fair, and we tried to be the same way, and we came to a good result.

Focus on end goal

As in every project, you end up with stumbling blocks and technical roadblocks, unclear requirements, etc. But, what we found with the Infosys team is that it always kept an eye on the end target of delivering that project according to our schedule and helped us work through these. In every case, they really kept their eyes on our goals and helped us achieve the targets that we set for the project.

Effective project management

So, what we found there was that the Infosys team was able to really plug in, use our methodology and combine it with the methodology that Infosys brought to effectively manage that entire project for us.

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