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"The implementation set global standards"

The Volkswagen Group of America realized long-term benefits from global capabilities and a proactive approach.


Edward Rybicki, Process Integration Officer – National Sales Companies, Volkswagen Group of America

The implementation set global standards

We are putting together a 2018 IT strategy right now. It has, kind of, all your classical components of IT – the nuts and bolts and the hardware, and the process pieces. It also has a lot more things in terms of innovation and solutions, and really, tapping new and innovative solutions in the market, and looking for new and innovative partners to help us with that.

Global capabilities

Infosys showed the global capabilities that we're looking for in that space, enough to the fact that we, in the US, were willing to step out of the comfort zone of even our colleagues in Germany, and allow them to become our certified supplier in that space. And the results are there. The projects went in at almost a flawless rate, and Infosys has very much impressed our colleagues even in Germany. So, this has been a great success for us.

Trusted partner

Selecting and working with any supplier is more than about just dollars and cents. It does come down to the relationships and the delivery, and a factor of – Is this supplier someone that you really believe and trust as more of a partner? And in the cases where we have experience with Infosys, the answer is, yes!

Reputation and trust is built over time, especially when you have a customer-vendor relationship. In the course of the time we've worked with Infosys, they've definitely shown that they're willing to kind of put their own skin in the game, if you will.

Some of the things that Infosys has helped us with, absolutely, are in terms of launching our new and first vehicle built in America since the early ’80s, working with some of our SAP systems. All of those things have been critical – from changing our company as just an importer, to a manufacturer and even an exporter.

High quality

In specific projects that Infosys was involved, we found extremely high quality in the delivery. In fact, some of the documentation and some of the solutions that were produced are now becoming global standards.

I talked about value, in terms of price to what you get, ratio, but there is value in a vendor basically standing behind their practices and their methods for how they engage you. Plenty of vendors have played the game of a low-balled initial quote, and then they make change requests throughout the whole process. With Infosys, we haven't had that experience in there. They're very willing and very dedicated, standing behind the quote they gave you at the onset of the project.

Focus on TCO

There's value in total cost and ownership in a couple of different ways. I mean, from my perspective, I'm very interested in projects going on time, on budget and meeting the objectives that are set. But I also have to be concerned with what happens after that project. Did that system now create a massive problem for the guys that do all the maintenance and the cost that we have in maintenance? Because, the project cost is one piece of that. The next ten years worth of cost is another. Infosys has shown that they don't only think of one part of the TCO piece. They think of both, what they're delivering at the time, and what it will be in the long term.

I found Infosys is very willing to not just meet with me and tell me what services they can sell me. They're interested in hearing what my issues are, and even coming to the table with ideas for how to address those issues that don't always involve a purchase order, before we get started on doing something. So, the ability to try to get closer as a partner has been a bit of a difference maker.

I think the best compliment is when our business areas don't really notice that there's Infosys in the room, and they really just believe it's one functioning team within Volkswagen IT.

Business impact

In cases where Infosys has worked with us, it's been an overwhelming positive impact, on helping the business achieve the goals that they have. On a local, regional and global IT level, that's where the name has also been recognized in terms of the value of delivery.

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