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Interactive dashboards for the connected driver

Avinash Kamat, in association with BS strategist for an article on ‘Smart Dashboards’, shares his views on interactive dashboards in his story titled As Smart As It Gets.

The automotive industry has woken up to the need for digitally connected cars with interactive features that enable drivers to stay connected while on the move. Keeping in line with the needs of today’s consumers, there ought to be seamless connectivity within the car that would seem like an extension of the digital world outside. Analytics, real-time car stats and access to consumer social info, otherwise accessible on your personal gadgets, seem to be paramount in addition to the need for a safer driving experience.

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Published with permission of Business Standard

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Senior Project Manager, Manufacturing Innovation Initiatives – Manufacturing, Infosys

With over 12 years of industry experience, Avinash has helped execute transformational projects in the customer relationship management (CRM) domain across the US, UK, Middle East, Africa, Japan, and India. He leads the Connected Vehicle technology domain in the Manufacturing Innovation Initiatives group at Infosys.

He can be reached at Avinash_Kamat@infosys.com

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