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India in a Box

A pre-packaged business management solution for Japanese companies to enable faster implementation of IT infrastructure in their Indian subsidiaries.

India in a Box is a pre-packaged business management solution that is based on industry standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It enables Japanese companies to seamlessly extend their IT systems to their subsidiaries in India – within 8 weeks. This solution is built on a robust ERP solution with the aid of proprietary tools and methodologies developed by Infosys experts.

Challenges and opportunities

The primary challenges faced by Japanese companies while expanding their business to India, are:

  • Complexity: Solution complexity matched to the systems at the parent organization
  • Specialization: Compliance to industry- or vertical-specific requirements
  • Location: India-specific regulatory, market and operational requirements supported by local resources
  • Flexibility: Adaptation to Indian business environment and the ability to initiate, control, and track changes impacting total cost of ownership (TCO) and upgrade deployments

Our offering

This pre-packaged solution from Infosys is built for Japanese companies to address the uniquely complex requirements of Indian market – such as complicated and ever-changing taxation rules and regulations, ever-evolving regulatory environment, in addition to the dynamic political environment and its high impact on business operations, while ensuring alignment to the processes and regulations of the parent organization in Japan.

Key functionalities built into this ERP-based solution include:

  • Financial management
  • Supply chain management
  • Production management
  • Service, resource and project management
  • Employee management
  • Customer management
India in a Box - A business management solution

Business outcomes

India in a Box solution is designed to 'go live' in under 8 weeks with minimal customization. It enables easy connectivity to the enterprise platform of the parent organization in Japan, ensuring easy consolidation of all data. It also helps Japanese companies to achieve the following business outcomes:

  • All the business processes are standardized across businesses and locations
  • All the warehouses are connected – thus enabling real-time inventory status
  • Reduced transaction processing time
  • Communication between supply chain partners is fast and error-free
  • Transactions are error-free as there is minimal human intervention
  • Order processing lead times reduced drastically
  • Consolidated account statement of multiple companies at headquarters
  • Faster time-to-market

The Infosys advantage

Infosys embeds a number of proprietary tools and methodologies into this solution to ensure that the implementation is quick and seamless. Within 8 weeks, using a three-step method, Infosys completes the implementation of the India in a Box solution, integrating the Indian subsidiary to the parent organization in Japan through a number of in-house developed connectors and tools. The solution also includes training, which enables the users to get aligned to the organizational processes. Overall, crafted with the Infosys expertise and tools, the solution is a comprehensive and one-stop solution for all Japanese companies establishing their operations in India.

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