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Warranty Management

The Infosys Warranty Management solution helps automotive companies reduce annual warranty costs and total cost of ownership of warranty systems, by adopting a holistic approach to warranty management.

Business needs

  • Warranty costs are expected to continue to rise due to a variety of competitive factors such as reduced time-to-market, the use of mechatronics in the vehicle, and longer periods of warranty coverage
  • Warranty management processes are largely ad hoc and lack best practices. Automotive companies must transform the warranty landscape to reduce product failures and claims processing costs while simultaneously enhancing customer satisfaction

Key features

  • Warranty transaction processing ERP: Built on the SAP warranty module, the Warranty Management solution incorporates best practices in automotive warranty management. It provides a comprehensive set of workflow processes and is supported by a user configurable rules engine and advanced reporting features. Our solutions offer the flexibility to meet ever changing business requirements that impact warranty policies
  • Automotive analytics and early warning system: The proprietary Holistic Information Management Infrastructure (HIMI) platform from Infosys enables the analysis of unstructured data to unearth a wealth of information in free text fields of warranty claims, CRM data, and other documents. The early warning system consists of extraction and inference engines tailored for the automotive industry


Warranty Management Solution for Automotive Industry The Warranty Management solution leverages the SAP platform and tools. The preconfigured and customized ERP component allows OEMs to rapidly adapt their processes as per the business needs. The early warning system component is based on our proprietary HIMI framework.


  • A unique model for accelerated implementation that significantly reduces the time and effort for implementation
  • Reduces total annual warranty costs
  • Reduces total cost of ownership (warranty applications)
  • Reduces total cost of claims processing and streamlines process
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