“Infosys tells us not what we want to hear, but what we need to hear”


Rex Carter, Senior Vice President and CIO, Hitachi Data Systems

Infosys has been a key provider of ours for about eight years. We have had a good, long-term relationship with them. We found them to really be the closest to a partner of all our strategic suppliers and vendors. It has been a great relationship. It is growing. It started out to be more of a staff augmentation, contract programing, and it has really now morphed into the key business advisor of ours.

One of the key things that really sets Infosys apart, but puts them in that category of a partner rather than a vendor is just that – the proactivity. They continually come to us with new ideas, new capabilities, and new research in the industries. They highlight what best practices are, what success stories have been in the industry, and they have become really someone we lean on when we need that industry knowledge about what other success stories are.

I think the core strength of Infosys is just the dedication to have a quality relationship at every level throughout the company. They have built a wonderful culture there; they are fully dedicated, doing what they do better than anyone else with highest possible quality. Utmost in their mind is customer satisfaction, and they are truly positioned and they follow through on doing whatever is needed to deliver for the customer. We are just thrilled with the culture; you know the exposure we have had to them, the access to their senior management, we believe, is just unmatched of all the companies we interact with, and that is something you really hope that they hang on to and maintain as they continue to grow and thrive.

And I would say, there have been many times when they have come to us and said, "Look we don't think this is the right path, we recommend you change it." And over a period of time we have learned to trust them and rely on them to provide just that kind of feedback. It is not telling us what we want to hear, but telling us what we need to hear – so we have the success on each of these important engagements.

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