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“Our relationship with Infosys is based on the common goal of customer satisfaction”

Strategic Leadership at Infosys



Didier Paulin
R&D Director – Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Sierra Wireless

Sierra Wireless is at the very heart of an exciting revolution that is happening by connecting devices. I'm in charge of the core technology development, hardware and software.

Our relationship with Infosys goes back to 2003. I believe this relationship is based on absolute transparency, trust, passion, and commitment towards our common goal of customer satisfaction.

Infosys is engaged with Sierra Wireless on various fronts, and foremost among them are customer support and R&D work. Infosys is a true partner, a key advisor to Sierra Wireless and its requirements. It is critical to us that our partner is able to take over the complete responsibility of legacy products, something which is a tough task, but Infosys has done a great job with it.

Infosys has invested in ensuring that its employees are global citizens and adapt themselves to the clients' country as well as business environment very quickly. An example I’d like to quote here about their ability to integrate with Sierra Wireless is that an Infoscion was part of the French soccer team in France.

We appreciate Infosys' ability to operate within our entire ecosystem of providers very easily. We see them as natural partners and true drivers to our organization. Also, during our partnership, we did not really come across a term such as 'cultural challenge' with Infosys. So, we let Infosys engage directly with our customers globally to train them on Sierra Wireless technologies. In such sessions, held everywhere from Australia to South Africa to North America, Infosys employees represent Sierra Wireless rather than Infosys. We get extremely positive feedback from our clients on these training sessions.

Infosys has many of the traits that Sierra Wireless expects from its partner and has been efficiently providing the qualities of, I would say, professional, skilled, transparent, flexible, culturally savvy and easy-to-work-with, consistent performance, speedy, reliable, and of course, part of Sierra Wireless' worldwide family.

The trust between the partners has now increased to an extent that the work we do with them is also more core to our existence. Sierra Wireless needs to sustain its performance and leadership in the mobile communications industry. Infosys is an active contributor to these goals. They share their expertise, performance and best practices with us.

I believe that, over the years, we have really strengthened the relationship with Infosys because we are able to realize enhanced value every year.