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Scalability and access to skilled people is the benefit Analog Devices values most from Infosys

“Infosys brought experts from different areas forward when we were having a conversation about Web technology or industry trends and these have been very engaging conversations”, says Scott Rosa, Director of eBusiness Analog Devices, in this video. He further states, “ultimately, it’s about the overall health of the relationship. Infosys is there to commit to the relationship and also to individual initiatives with Analog Devices. In resourcing, be it SFDC, SAP, Java or .net, Infosys had strong capabilities.”

Adding to Scott Rosa comments is Steve Oberlander, Director of Enterprise Applications, Analog Devices. He says, "Adaptability, scalability, bringing the right people; we all have a challenge in finding the right people, the best people. It’s not a perfect science but the quality of the people that Infosys brings to bear is quite high, and those are the things I look for."

Scott Rosa ends by saying, “whether it is execution or strategy, we are always going to be looking at Infosys and their capabilities and what they can bring to bear.”

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