Analog Devices and Infosys: Partnering for innovation at every level

Peter Forte, CIO, Analog devices, talks about how Infosys has been a strategic partner for the company in creating efficient systems to support some of their key...


AMD partners with Infosys to transform IT operational model by leveraging automation

Speaking about their partnership with Infosys, Andy Bynum, Corporate Vice President of Global Infrastructure and IT Services, AMD, says that there are three major things he wanted to accomplish at AMD - transform the organization, bring about cost-efficiency, and ensure that it was positioned as a value-based business partner. To drive cost-efficiency, he took...


Infosys manages Epicor’s IT helpdesk and datacenter operations resulting in near zero downtime and enhanced customer experience

Epicor Software Corporation provides industry specific cloud and on-premise software for verticals such as manufacturing, distribution, retail, and service. In this video, Mark Mincin, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Epicor...


Infosys develops robust engagement solution on Salesforce for the Marvell Technology Group

Marvell Technology Group is a leading fabless semiconductor company with its headquarters in California. Marvell has an excellent engineering and design expertise giving them the competitive edge to succeed in today’s dynamic market. They required a niche sales and customer engagement solution to...


Infosys becomes Marvell Technology Group’s ideal implementation partner for transitioning to Oracle 12.2.4

Headquartered in California, Marvell Technology Group is a leading fabless semiconductor company that has excellent engineering...


Infosys empowers Cisco Brazil through its financial transformation journey

Cisco Brazil had embarked on a financial capability journey in 2012, and faced some challenges in their process and solution design. In this video, Raj Shahi, Senior Manager, Finance Transformation Office, Cisco...


Scalability and access to skilled people is the benefit Analog Devices values most from Infosys

Analog Devices is an American multinational semiconductor company with about three billion in annual revenue. They were looking for a cost-effective onshore-offshore model and turned to Infosys. In this...


From staff augmentation to key business advisor, Infosys grows with Hitachi Data Systems

“Infosys has been a key provider for Hitachi Data Systems for about eight years and we have had a good long-term partnership with them,” says Rex Carter, Senior Vice President, CIO, Hitachi Data...

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