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Infosys develops robust engagement solution on Salesforce for the Marvell Technology Group

Founded in 1995, Marvell Technology is a renowned fabless semiconductor company that ships over a billion chips a year. Based in California, the company’s expertise lies in microprocessor architecture and digital signal processing. They wanted a customized sales and customer engagement solution to be created on Salesforce. Marvell Technology was looking for a partner who could understand their needs and develop a niche and user-friendly solution.

In this video, Prasanth Pala, Global Senior Director, MIS Systems, Marvell Technology explains why they chose to work with Infosys and how they benefited from the partnership.

He says, “to help develop the solution for Marvell Technology Group, Infosys collected information and interviewed a host of end users and this enabled them to map the process.”

In addition, Prasanth adds that Marvell Technology found Infosys to be an excellent implementation partner who brought value through flexibility and had good knowledge of the tools that Marvell Technology was working on.

He further credits the Infosys team as very knowledgeable, accommodative, agile, and willing to change as and when Marvell Technology changed.

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