Client Speak

From staff augmentation to key business advisor, Infosys grows with Hitachi Data Systems

In this video, Rex Carter, Senior Vice President, CIO, Hitachi Data Systems says - “from a staff augmentation contract programing, Infosys has now grown to become a key business advisor.” He also adds, “what sets Infosys apart from other vendors and puts them in the category of a partner is their proactivity. They continuously come to us with new ideas, new capabilities, and research. They highlight best practices and success stories in the industry and this gives Hitachi Data Systems the confidence to lean on Infosys when they need industry knowledge. Rex underlined - “the core strength of Infosys is the dedication to have a quality relationship at every level throughout the company. This wonderful culture is fully dedicated to doing better than anyone out there, with the highest possible quality.”

Rex further emphasized, “when working with customers, utmost in the mind of Infosys is the desire to ensure customer satisfaction and they follow through on doing whatever they have planned. Hitachi Data Systems is thrilled with the Infosys culture, exposure, and access to their senior management. In addition, Infosys has never hesitated to share a divergent approach with Hitachi Data Systems and this has enabled Hitachi over time to trust and rely on Infosys.”

He ends by saying ‘Infosys doesn’t tell us what we want to hear, they tell us what we need to hear’.