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AMD partners with Infosys to transform IT operational model by leveraging automation

AMD is a globally recognized, US-based, semiconductor company that designs and integrates technology including personal computers, game consoles, and cloud servers that define the new era of surround computing.

Speaking on their engagement with Infosys, Andy Bynum, Corporate Vice President of Global Infrastructure and IT Services, explained that Infosys came on board and brought experienced staff and skill set that AMD did not have in place before. He also stated that one of the first things that Infosys offered them was a tool to automate their batch jobs and artificial intelligence that enabled them to identify when the system could automatically heal and repair itself versus those problems that required human intervention. He acknowledged that they were able to witness tremendous results in a short span of time. AMD has an average of 8,000 incidents every month and is now expecting a 50 percent reduction in issues by using the automation tool that Infosys has implemented. Infosys could very quickly bring about a change in the application support spaces, identify problems, and offer solutions that enabled AMD to get back on track.

Andy suggests that organizations must review their business models and try to understand how they can make the most of external business partners.

He concludes that Infosys and AMD have been successful in creating a true partnership.

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