Infosys and Hitachi Data Systems expand partnership to deliver next-generation infrastructure and solutions

Deliver next-generation infrastructure and data center transformation solutions

Infosys has expanded its partnership with Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) to bring next-generation infrastructure and data center transformation solutions to enterprises. The new solutions will help improve operational efficiencies and facilitate the smooth transition of their IT infrastructure to new cloud-based environments.

Furthermore, Infosys will also establish a center of excellence to co-create pay-per-use solutions with HDS. This will enable enterprises to convert a significant share of their capital expenditure, related to infrastructure and data center management, into operational expenditure. Key partnership highlights:

  • The new data center transformation solutions, developed by Infosys and HDS, are tailored to meet refresh cycles of enterprise data centers. The two partners will also create reference architectures and solution frameworks to accelerate private cloud deployments
  • Infosys Cloud Ecosystem Hub is a first-of-its-kind solution that helps enterprises build and manage a unified hybrid cloud environment. This will integrate with Hitachi Unified Compute Platform (UCP) to dramatically reduce time to market and simplify complex migrations. The combination will enable enterprises to move to a 100 percent virtualized environment with management, orchestration, and hypervisor integration
  • Infosys will facilitate industrialization of big data programs by deploying its big data platform on Hitachi UCP, creating reference architectures for the Hadoop ecosystem. Infosys Big Data platform enables real-time operationalization of decisions across enterprise systems, and is part of the services offered by Infosys Cloud Ecosystem Hub
  • Infosys and HDS will create several private cloud offerings to be delivered as-a-service related to ERP, CRM, exchange and collaboration, with flexible pricing models. This will help enterprises reduce capital expenditure on their cloud infrastructure and optimize their private and public cloud investments
  • Infosys and HDS are collaborating to deploy SAP HANA on a HDS SAP HANA appliance in both scale-up and scale-out solutions. This will help enterprises optimally scale with certified reference architecture, speed, flexibility, and rapid implementation leading to lower total cost of ownership and better return on investment
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