Industry Offerings

How we deliver business value to the High-Tech industry

Infosys has significant domain expertise across high-tech segments like semiconductors, telecom original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), consumer electronics, high-tech distributors and software vendors.

Infosys helps high-tech enterprises with changing business models and addressing need enablement for new geographies through back-office systems. Our expertise spans process harmonization, global system rollouts and unified communication systems. Our experience in ERP-led transformations, global delivery teams, and a proven delivery model ensure business growth.

From conceptualization to product sustenance, Infosys provides a globally available and scalable platform to help clients focus on increasing their product throughput. Armed with one of the best engineering talent pools in the world, we ensure high levels of efficiency through our product engineering services.

Leading the way with 99 percent on-time delivery, Infosys is at the forefront in deploying process enhancement and continuous improvement techniques to organizational processes. Infosys has utilized best-of-breed software toolsets to build multiple business platforms to provide customers end-to-end efficient process management for finance and administration, hire-to-retire cycle, and demand-to-deliver.





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