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Consumer electronics

Adding integrated value to differentiated devices

The consumer electronics industry is in an exciting phase today with its expansion being driven by a blend of traditional and modern devices. With shorter cycles, smaller devices and smarter consumers being the order of the day for consumer electronics enterprises, the way of the future is to get leaner, inventive and connected.

Industry players can realize all this by being at the confluence of convergence and consumer – by maximizing efficiency across their value chain, by taking advantage of new delivery mechanisms (like cloud and streaming media) and by leveraging solutions and accelerators across engineering, SCM, sales, and beyond.

Challenges and opportunities

Reaching out to the 'new' consumer: Today's consumers are aware and empowered. They talk to each other about their brand experiences, and advertise their loyalties on their social media profiles. Their influence only continues to grow with their voices influencing technology choices at enterprises, making it that much more important for consumer electronics players to stay connected.

Intensely competitive landscape: In 'the price is right' economy, ground realities are lively price competition, lower rates of return and the threat of substitution and cannibalization by newer products. To stay ahead, companies need to make their devices stand out and look to emerging economies as a means of fueling sustainable growth.

Diversity of content and devices: Each new device, each new content format is a new variable in an already-complex and diverse ecosystem, and getting more complex with each passing quarter. So with a plethora of additive devices flooding the market with segregated content and networks, the need going forward is maximized integration among multiple players in their ecosystem, while utilizing new content delivery mechanisms like cloud streaming solutions to corral and connect content seamlessly.

How we deliver value to consumer electronics enterprises

Today, Infosys is helping clients realize a competitive edge by enhancing products with emerging technologies that accelerate their time-to-market and enable collaboration for product design and production. Our solutions enable them to meet regulatory demands, deliver a single view of the consumer and streamline supply chains.

Fast-tracking value realization: Infosys works with clients to optimize all aspects of their value chain with technology-led solutions. Harnessing the power of our Value Realization Model, Infosys helps consumer electronics companies tightly integrate business consulting with enterprise solutions delivery, thus creating business-IT maturity that delivers real return on investment (ROI) for businesses on their consulting and IT initiatives.

Accelerating engineering initiatives and new product development: Product Engineering solutions, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions and Infosys Labs help clients in concept-to-market R&D and improving engineering product operations to develop differentiated products in a rapidly evolving market – while also enabling them to enhance their existing products in step with emerging technologies. Add to this our digital innovation solutions, and clients get the power to leverage all consumer touch points – from next-gen social commerce to specific retail experiences – to stay ahead of the competition.

Optimized operations: Infosys works with clients to reduce their infrastructure costs with innovative business technology optimization (BTO) solutions and supply chain optimization offerings. Our returns management, reseller/channel management, BPO services and effective post-sales trainings and support for consumers free up valuable resources for clients, helping them focus on what they do best.

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