Industry Offerings

Digital transformation strategy for next generation customer engagement and experience

Digital transformation (DX) helps organizations deliver personalized and contextual experiences, thus making a revenue-generating strategy possible across multiple channels.

In delivering DX services, our experts focus on contextual content delivery, faster decision making, and improving customer conversions and retention using digital solutions. Our DX services include:

  • Strategy and roadmap
  • Architectural assessment
  • Implementation and rollout
  • Support and maintenance

Theme offerings

Digital marketing

Digital marketing (DM) ensures social awareness and sentiment realization, further leading to improved brand management and lead generation.

Digital commerce

Digital commerce (DC) offering provides support for channel-agnostic and centralized order management, leading to improved revenue and user experience. In this manner, the DC offering helps generate conversions and customer satisfaction, and ensures the effectiveness of campaigns and promotions for repeat business. The DC activities are centered on key aspects such as customer acquisition, customer retention, and customer loyalty.

Analytics and insights

This offering is concerned with optimizing capacity planning with integrated supply chain dashboards, resulting in faster and more relevant decisions. It also provides unified insights into the platform for material requirement planning, in this way, facilitating backward derivations that are also very proactive. Dashboards for sales and marketing, production control, and HRM form part of the analytics and insights offering.

Knowledge management

Our knowledge management (KM) offering enables a collaborative partner ecosystem in the area of product design, helping increase productivity, while reducing cost. It also provides for an integrated receipt and issue platform to optimize operational efficiency, as well as a collaborative customer service platform to improve productivity. Our KM offering pays special attention to areas such as enablement and engagement of the marketing and sales office, service desk optimization, and legal and compliance.

Business outcomes

Our proprietary Value Realization Method (VRM) helps businesses get the most economic value by helping drive innovation to their digital transformation initiatives. In so doing, our experts identify levers and digital capabilities that will energize the most critical functions of the client enterprise, namely, marketing, sales, and support for key performance indicators (KPIs).

DX – Key differentiators

  • Center of Excellence for KM, DC, DM, and analytics and insights
  • Tool kits: modeling, reusable frameworks / solutions, document repository, knowledge repository, content distribution, and configuration management
  • Concept Center: pre-integrated solution stack, lab for quick proof of concept / customization and technical requirement
  • Knowledge base: DM, DC, KM, analytics and insights, knowledge base and frameworks to aid in project execution
  • Process and quality excellence: CMMI Level 5 methodology, engineering team dedicated to ensuring preparedness for projects around DM, DC, KM, analytics and insights
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