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High-Tech Distribution Solution

In the High Technology distributors need to address challenges such as higher operational costs, lost sales, diminishing margins and shareholder value. Such a situation is caused by poor channel performance, operational inefficiencies, delayed solution offerings, and siloed information.

To improve channel performance and maximize customer responsiveness, High Technology distributors need maximum visibility into supply chain operations with real-time channel intelligence. They must adopt global process standardization and focus on high-impact or high-value business processes.

In addition, distributors must offer self-service capabilities to enhance customer experience and develop competencies for rapid deployment of bundled services and products.

Oracle and Infosys combine Oracle's best-of-breed applications and technology with Infosys' functional expertise and world-class services to deliver extensive enterprise benefits from integrated innovation.

Our High-Tech Distribution solution includes distributor price protection management and application integration. While distributor price protection management automates the processes of inventory write-downs and pricelist adjustments, application integration improves profitability and provides a competitive advantage by focusing on business processes.

Enterprise-wide Benefits

Operational efficiencies: Real-time sales and operations plan, network management, strategic inventory optimization and price protection management lead to agile management of supply chain complexities.

Channel performance: Involves multi-tier supply chain visibility and collaboration, pricing, trade promotion analysis, discount management, content management, and e-learning. Automation minimizes revenue leakage, reduces transaction time, and offers self-service capabilities to enhance the customer experience.

Solutions to address market needs: Includes real-time channel intelligence, high volume and configurable order fulfillment for easy bundling of value-added services.

Global best practices and visibility across the enterprise: Ensure global process standardization and single instance applications portfolio for improved visibility, performance management using analytics, business intelligence and enterprise performance management tools and processes.

  • Wider margins
  • Customer responsiveness
  • Improved channel performance
  • Increased operational efficiencies
  • High-level supply chain visibility
  • Rapid deployment of bundled services and products
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