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Independent software vendors

Adding value where IT matters

In a highly dynamic market where products that were sensational yesterday become standard today and obsolete tomorrow, independent software vendors (ISVs) are expanding their horizons – from challenging the rationale of traditional partnerships to embracing new business opportunities.

With the growth of cloud computing, the extremely rapid adoption of mobile devices and the constant evolution of consumer interaction, ISVs are finding themselves at the tipping point of game-changing forces that hold the potential to reshape their enterprise.

Challenges and opportunities

Technology obsolescence: Operating in a market that is moving at a breakneck pace, software companies strive not only to keep up with the latest shifts in technology and keep an eye on the next big change, but also to find an effective mechanism to harness disruptive innovation in existing markets and segments.

New business avenues: Exciting opportunities are everywhere – smartphones, tablets, gaming software and cloud computing are just a few of them. Industry leaders are creating expertise as fast as they can by building solutions using these enablers and dealing with varied processes — transforming business risks into new opportunities.

Digital consumers: A significant portion of purchasing power is being devolved to individual knowledge workers and consumers, who are adopting latest devices and services in an innovative manner to quickly fulfill their professional and personal needs. Consumers are also demanding increased flexibility and modular structuring of software costs that allow them to pick and choose the services they need.

How we deliver value to independent software vendors

As an IT leader working closely with leading global software providers, Infosys understands the industry’s challenges inside out. We know the kind of top-line expertise it takes to enable a bottom-line advantage.

With a focus on innovation, validation and support, Infosys provides ISVs solutions for lean product development, cost-effective product sustenance and extended ownership.

We leverage our expertise to deliver services across the product lifecycle — from architecting, designing and implementing technology to sustaining technology footprints and supporting associated business processes.

The defect is in the details. So is perfection. Infosys offers testing services for software enterprises to help ensure product quality before it hits the market. We also provide valuable expertise for enabling revenue maximization once the product is in the marketplace.

With software enterprises needing to cater to millions of customers, Infosys offers 24x7 support capabilities to enhance customer satisfaction and revenue.