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Telecom original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)

Adding value at broadband speeds

Anything that can be connected, will be. Anybody who can connect, will. The networked society might arrive sooner than anybody thinks. Consider this, 50 billion devices are expected to be connected by 2020. That’s the 50 billion opportunities that telecom OEMs need to exploit.

The agents of change are hard at work – convergence of broadcast and broadband media, rapid adoption of smart phones, emergence of high-speed wireless networks, to the democratization of content. In the process, driving the world forward at the rate at which a signal travels. Escalating demand for bandwidth with rich collaboration, cloud computing, and energy efficient data centers are driving similar change at enterprise levels. Being at the heart of the digital convergence isn’t enough; industry players need to increase their innovation bandwidth, match broadband speeds in their operations, and transform themselves faster than the rate of change.

Challenges and opportunities

The speed of innovation and technology evolution: With the merging of compute and networking technologies on the same backplane, companies must utilize their scarce R&D resources judiciously – balancing both current product lines and future technologies.

Customized business solutions: Relevance to consumer is the only relevant thing in an industry where selling ‘boxes’ will not be enough. The differentiator will no longer be just the product but the business solutions that users can customize – depending on their usage and business models.

Financial control and visibility: The ability to innovate is not enough. It must be complemented by the ability to deliver at predictable quality and cost. This calls for end-to-end visibility – from being able to forecast demand cycles to the supply chain and support structure – and all of them need to tie in together to the larger financial model.

How we deliver value to telecom OEMs

With capabilities that encompass all areas of the telecom business, Infosys is today working with leading telecom OEMs across the globe. These capabilities extend across areas like product engineering, portfolio management, ownership and risk sharing models, joint go-to-market and demand-side solutions that address customer information integrity and visibility. Some of our unique offerings for telecom OEMs include:

Demand to Deliver (D2D): An end-to-end solution targeted at transforming demand management all the way to logistics and retail execution. This industry-leading customer solution co-created by Infosys delivers transformation across each aspect covered under D2D (demand management, sales planning, strategic sourcing, production planning, manufacturing, fulfillment, logistics, and retail execution) via a flexible delivery model.

Software as a business model: Another successful creation from Infosys, this model enables you to transform your software (licensing and subscription type models) into a viable monetizing opportunity.

Creating new revenue streams: Infosys actively co-creates with telecom enterprises to innovate next-generation products, including in functional innovation, design automation, testing, product support services, and consulting services.

Enabling bundled selling: If there’s a need, there’s an Infosys innovation fulfilling it. With telecom OEMs evolving towards selling bundles – product, service and software – Infosys Order Management System is just what they need, as it enables them to order ‘bundles’ of products with a new form of ordering and billing – from SKU-based to annuity / services-based.

Technical assistance center: Infosys offers full-fledged, robust L1 and L2 technical support for your end customers and channel partners, helping you focus on what you do best and freeing up your internal resources for innovation, engineering, and other higher efficiency tasks.

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