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Transformational Order Management

In today’s world, companies face challenges in providing a range of highly customized, core and complementary products, while ensuring regionalization and localization.

In the past, these solutions were a business imperative for high-tech companies. However, the lessons learned in implementing systems for high-tech companies are now relevant for manufacturers as well as other groups.

New markets create more challenges, so does developing a multichannel strategy that complements and does not compromise existing sales channels.

The success factors in traditional order management such as cost reduction, revenue enhancement, customer service and compliance with regulations have become complex due to the increased expectations of ecommerce-savvy customers. New and higher productivity norms continue to drive companies towards improved order management systems below industry averages, compromising their ability to grow and compete.

To maximize profitability in the global marketplace, you need to:
  • Identify and implement a global commerce strategy
  • Develop new channels and partnerships to create a true multichannel sales methodology
  • Capitalize and build on eCommerce/web-based commerce competencies to reach a broader audience
  • Collaborate with customers and channel partners to predict and create demand

You must address the core issues that disconnect your enterprise from customers. This is achieved through technology and organizational change. Infosys, a partner of Oracle, SAP and Sterling Commerce, offers rich technology expertise. In addition, we provide world-class organizational change management.

Our expertise in channel management, trade management, configuration and quoting management, and pricing solutions, including price protection and accelerated sales.

Infosys Transformational Order Management (ITOM) solution helps increase revenue through higher order accuracy, faster response time, and guided selling. ITOM transforms order management processes to enhance the customer experience, improve service levels, and achieve scale and cost savings.

Focus AreasKey Aspects
Complete visibility into the inquiry-to-opportunity-to-order-to-service cycleDemand sensing and forecasting
Price products and services optimallyPromotion and trade management
Orchestrate distributed transactions (quote, order, invoice) across multiple channel partnersDistributed low cost fulfillment
Cross-sell and up-sell existing and new products and servicesGuided selling for order yield (revenue and profitability)
Automated invoicing, reconciliation and reportingStreamlined order management (zero-touch)

The core principles of the ITOM solution can now be augmented by expanded capabilities that allow customers to seamlessly move into the future phases of next generation commerce.

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