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DuPont realizes business value; gets closer to customers

Infosys has been partnering with DuPont for six years in the sales and marketing space.

DuPont operates in more than 90 countries and offers a wide range of innovative products and services. Its service areas include agriculture, nutrition, electronics, communications, safety and protection, home and construction, transportation, and apparel.

DuPont chose Infosys as a global partner to launch a platform on salesforce.com. One of the biggest challenges DuPont faced while implementing salesforce.com solution was disparate legacy initiatives. Due to this, the company had no visibility into the market and its demands.

Infosys delivered a feature-rich application that helps DuPont realize benefits including:

  • Improved brand awareness
  • Best customer service that resulted in customer retention
  • Automation that led to simplified sales processes
  • Increased productivity and enhanced revenues

Steve Drabble, CIO – EMEA and Jean-Luc Ramboz, Sales & Marketing IT Manager – EMEA, DuPont describe how Infosys enabled them to get closer to customers.

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'Infosys understands 'on value' which is what it's all about'

Steve Drabble, CIO – EMEA and Jean-Luc Ramboz, Sales & Marketing IT Manager – EMEA, describe how Infosys helped DuPont develop a robust, next-generation global pricing platform. The platform enables DuPont to avoid revenue loss, ensure consistent pricing and comply with SOX pricing requirements, and frees up its sales force to get closer to the customer.

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Vision for the future: Partnering to solve global challenges

Jean-Luc Ramboz, DuPont’s Sales & Marketing IT Manager – EMEA, charts a road map for the future. DuPont, through innovation and collaboration, aims to address global challenges including food, protection of people and environment, he says.

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