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From monitoring assembly to assembling smarter, do more with AI

The manufacturing sector is evolving into a new state, fueled by massive digital business transformation efforts. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being used to support and even change the role of the human workforce in the physical...


BASF and Infosys strengthen partnership for smarter farming

The collaboration between BASF and Infosys will support farmers with new digital tools. It will further enhance BASF’s ability to explore new opportunities...


How fuel stations can help electric vehicles?

This article by Anand Sethuraman, Senior Consultant, Infosys, talks about how the rapid development of electric cars has resulted in them being able to combat issues around range, and exterior looks that are often quoted by petrol-heads. However, OEMs have still not been able to completely solve the charging infrastructure problem plaguing...

Published with permission from The Hindu BusinessLine.


Manufacturing firms could do better with a focus on customer experience

A blog by Ashutosh Sharma, VP, Research Director, Forrester, which stems from a briefing by Nitesh Bansal, Vice President, Head of Manufacturing, Infosys, talks about how Digital is infiltrating all industries with...

Published with permission from Forrester.


Five trends in manufacturing technology

In this article, published on toolbox.com, Jeff Kavanaugh (Vice President and Managing Partner of High-tech and Manufacturing for Infosys) provides key insights on five of the largest trends in manufacturing evolution.

Published with the permission of Toolbox.com


M2M communication – the paradigm of ‘Everyware’

Machine-to-machine (M2M) communication is a fast-evolving field that is gaining popularity. Organizations today are forced to deliver business models that can minimize costs, ...

Published with the permission of Manufacturing Today


The future of BI and SAP HANA

Business Intelligence (BI) now figures in the strategic initiatives of most organizations, though they might differ in BI-maturity levels. The ones...


Predictive analytics – Powered by SAP HANA

Predictive analytics (or advanced analytics) is much in demand within the business intelligence (BI) space. In this feature, our expert...


Increase Return on Cloud Investments with a Performance Dashboard

Real-time performance metrics of the cloud ecosystem help service providers address the specific needs of customers.


The New Engineering Mantra: PLM on the Cloud

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) processes can be seamlessly connected through cloud data models for collaborative engineering.


Look at Manufacturing through the Prism of Information

An ecosystem that enables real-time collaboration across the supply chain increases the profitability of manufacturing units.

Published with permission of Manufacturing.net


Collaboration towards an Innovative Environment

Enterprises are collaborating to enhance business efficiency and socialize innovation for growth. Infosys' expert discusses how companies can unlock business value...

Published with permission of SYS-CON Media, Inc.


The Flat Supply Chain

Globalization has created a massive increase in the complexity of supply chains. Companies are vigorously revisiting their supply chain strategies to achieve the desired business objectives.

Published with permission of Supply & Demand Chain Executive

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