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A mobile app for Hilti powered by Infosys

Hilti, a leading-edge technology provider to the global construction industry, needed an application for construction and maintenance professionals to search, access information and find the right product on their mobile devices.

Hilti partnered with Infosys to develop an Android application on mobile devices to increase customer stickiness. Infosys pooled the cumulative experience of its Manufacturing and Mobility practices to develop an ‘Anchor Selector’ application for Android devices.

Hilti offers a range of 200 anchors and launches approximately 10 products every quarter. Infosys developed a user-friendly mobile application for customers to select the right anchor at the construction site based on technical specifications and regulatory standards.

Engineers can use the application to take informed decisions on the type of anchors required for every type and stage of construction at the site itself. The application offers technical specifications in different combinations and permutations, provides detailed information of anchors and presents visuals of anchors. After selecting the appropriate anchor, the engineer can make a call and place an order, on the spot.


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