Industry Offerings

Diversified Manufacturing

Diversified manufacturers such as industrial packaging companies, food equipment manufacturers and construction products must deal with supply chain fragmentation, regulatory compliance and global competition. Technology empowers industries to tackle issues such as:
How to do more with less? How to stay agile and competitive when the environment is in constant flux? How to get more for the investments made?

How Infosys Delivers Business Value

Infosys partners with leading diversified manufacturers to transform businesses quickly and efficiently.

Using advanced tools and applications, proven business processes and flawless integration, our high-value, strategic consulting has helped leading industrial manufacturers achieve business benefits through:

Creating robust systems for product development: Our Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution enables companies to build systems and processes for product development. It accelerates time-to-market and improves design quality, while lowering product development and design costs.

Expertise to look beyond the accepted: With deep domain knowledge and technology-led differentiation, we have the expertise to look beyond traditional Selling, General and Administrative (SG&A) strategy. Our innovative solutions in the BPO field make a meaningful difference to any business.


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