Renew and create value for the Media and Entertainment industry

The Media and Entertainment industry needs to address shifts in technology, demographic preferences, and ubiquity of mobile devices.

The Infosys Media and Entertainment practice helps companies cross over from legacy technology to digital offerings, while rebooting enterprises with new processes and systems.

Renew the ecosystem

  • Digital road map – Convergence compels media and entertainment companies to convert into digital media enterprises. A ‘digital first’ ecosystem is more responsive to creators, broadcasters, advertisers, and viewers.
  • Process excellence – Digital-centric processes accelerate time-to-market, boost productivity and minimize costs. Processes should be geared to support video, launch new distribution channels, and introduce new business models.
  • Content monetization – The shrinking content lifecycle demands rapid monetization. Non-intrusive and programmatic advertising open new revenue streams for media and entertainment enterprises.

Adopt new approaches

  • Platforms – A digital platform approach to content management and delivery is a catalyst for business enhancement. Media enterprises should offer bespoke advertising platforms that allow advertisers to articulate their brand story.
  • Mobility – Millennial viewers consume content predominantly on mobile devices. Media and entertainment enterprises should deliver seamless offerings for viewers as well as advertisers on multiple screens.
  • Network on the cloud – Storage and distribution of content on the cloud allows anytime, anywhere access. The cloud provides a ‘liquid media’ advantage for fluid operations across the content value chain.

Learn how our offerings can renew your Media and Entertainment industry

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