Ahead in the Cloud: Navigating Cloud Security Challenges

Ankur Shah, SVP & GM - Prisma Cloud, Palo Alto Networks, in an engaging podcast with Infosys, talks about the challenges while ensuring cloud security and occurrence of blind spots across enterprises. He highlights the need for improving visibility & control of the cloud ecosystem, and a shared responsibility model to ensure robust security.

In this podcast, Ankur states that CISOs of many multinational companies are not completely aware about the blind spots in their cloud environment. Also, many businesses lack a clear security vulnerability assessment for security risks existing in cloud applications, their lifecycle, and more.

Cloud security is a shared responsibility between cloud service providers, IT & security teams, and customer. Ultimately it is CISO's job to ensure that their applications are secure, and their data is protected on the cloud. It is necessary to hire experts and reskill existing talent on DevOps and DevSecOps to add credibility.

There are three steps to ensure cloud security, collectively named as ‘Cloud Security Maturity Model’:

  • Better visibility and control on cloud activities and detection of prevalent threats
  • Follow the Shift Left approach and implement Secure by Design framework
  • Assure runtime protection to combat lethal cyberattacks

The Secure by Design framework and Shift Left approach must be embedded in the IT environment to ensure security at early development cycles. Furthermore, considering the effect of Generative AI on cybersecurity, enterprises need to be optimistic while building a security product by leveraging Generative AI. Together with Palo Alto Networks, our goal is to provide visibility across silos and ensure security to customers.

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