Cyber Talk with Shambhulingayya Aralelemath and R “Ray” Wang

Today cybersecurity is more critical than ever before for enterprises, as it addresses evolving threats and safeguards valuable data in this increasing digital landscape. With the rise in new age technologies like AI, the need to ensure risk resilience has become crucial, thereby, making robust cybersecurity measures essential for safeguarding networks and maintaining trust.

In this series of conversations between Shambhulingayya Aralelemath, Infosys and R “Ray” Wang, Constellation Research have extensively explored key themes in cybersecurity including challenges, trends and best practices.

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Shambhulingayya Aralelemath and R “Ray” Wang in this video have discussed and shared their insights on how AI is transforming enterprises and discussed the numerous key security strategies that must be resorted to, to stay secure and relevant in today's world.

Shambhulingayya Aralelemath in this engaging conversation with R “Ray” Wang has highlighted Infosys’ robust cybersecurity strategies, established through global client engagements, to ensure risk resilience in the dynamic cyber landscape.

In this insightful chat, Shambhulingayya Aralelemath and R “Ray” Wang have discussed the vast scope of cybersecurity, underlining the need for collaboration among stakeholders to fortify digital defense and resilience against evolving threats. Further, they have covered the concerns surrounding the potential misuse of new technologies like Generative AI for malicious purposes.