Infosys commissioned a study of 90 senior executives from communications and telecom organizations with revenues over USD 500 million across the US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand (ANZ). The respondents were senior executives involved in cybersecurity initiatives representing both technology and business functions.

The survey was aimed at understanding the cybersecurity initiatives for telecom industry. Some interesting findings are:

  • 72% in the telecom industry have a well-defined enterprise-wide strategy/roadmap implemented
  • With cyber threats and attacks on the rise, respondents viewed hackers and hacktivists (88%), corporate espionage (80%) and low employee awareness (73%) as the top concerns
  • The top three problems that telecom companies face are embedding security in the enterprise IT architecture (74%), inadequate management support (64%), and keeping pace with fast-changing cyber technologies (61%)
  • Respondents said they employ methods such as workshops and enablement sessions (58%), training and certification (58%), working with technology vendors and service providers (56%) and focusing on integrated solutions instead of point solutions (52%
  • The top solutions implemented today are risk and compliance (72%), cloud access security broker (68%), and encryption (66%)
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