Estimating impact of data breaches on brands across industries and defining a future ready strategy

In the present time, we have transformed into a data-rich but time-poor society in which we rely deeply on technology to reduce the pressure on our time. Brands all around the globe have rapidly adapted to this phenomenon and are providing unique experiences digitally. This growing adoption of digital strategies is executed across almost all industries to engage with the new-age consumers. Findings from the brand study ‘Invisible Tech. Real Impact.’, that was jointly created by Infosys and Interbrand, show that industries such as financial services, and Consumer and Luxury Goods might suffer immensely due to data breaches. Brands need to take judicious steps to safeguard themselves against potential threats and consider security as a differentiator. CMOs, CISOs and other decision-makers can leverage the Brand Risk Calculator – a first of its kind tool developed by Infosys and Interbrand, to understand the risks they might face to their brand value and calculate the right level of cybersecurity investment for them.