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Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) approves Smart Airline Baggage Management Testbed

Unlike the airline reservation systems with a limited number of global providers, the ecosystem around airports and airlines is heavily fragmented. There are no centralized systems that are capable of unifying all its stakeholders’ data regarding airlines, passengers, airport vendors, tenants, parking, ground transportation, security and regulatory bodies, etc.

Many luggage-tracking systems now are simply isolated mobile smartphone applications tied into a proprietary third-party Web application using things such as  bluetooth baggage tags. Smart Airline Baggage Management testbed aims to address the challenges involved in integrating disparate and isolated airline enterprise applications and systems into a single solution, for more efficient handling of smart baggage across the airline and aviation ecosystems.

The Smart Airline Baggage Management testbed, part of a broader aviation ecosystem vision, aims at achieving the following:

  • Reducing the instances of delayed, damaged, and lost bags leading to lower economic risk exposure to the airlines
  • Increasing the ability to track and report baggage including location and weight changes to prevent theft and loss
  • Improving customer satisfaction through better communication including offering new value-added services to frequent flyers

The testbed will use a range of bluetooth, cellular, and Wi-Fi baggage tracking devices. These will be deployed in smart luggage, permanent and reusable bag tags, and airport luggage carts and across the baggage ecosystem. The testbed project will enable the following:

  • Providing a cloud-based ecosystem that gives connectivity to passengers about their bags and other airport / airline equipment
  • Providing end-to-end visibility of bags to the airline, as it is checked-in, dropped and while it travels – baggage carousel, trolley, aircraft, and from the connecting airport to the destination bag-pickup
  • Enabling airlines to provide near-real-time view of their bag status to the customers

Know more about the Smart Airline Baggage Management Testbed.

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