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Telematics black box for usage-based insurance

A portable, software- embedded, under-dash telematics device is helping Infosys clients stay ahead of the curve

Engineering Services New Product Development (NPD) group has developed a portable, under-dash telematics device along with embedded software for a leading provider of telematics technology to insurance companies. The device is designed to collect and transmit data to a back-end server, which creates a driving profile. Using this profile, insurers can determine individual premiums.

Under the bonnet of telematics innovation – how our experts contributed

Infosys took complete ownership of the development lifecycle – from concept to production, starting with a detailed industrial design. The design was lightweight, trendy, and easy to use. The hardware featured an embedded system with sensors and a microcontroller; the wireless system was based on Bluetooth. Our telematics team designed and developed the mobile apps as well as the networking protocol for delivering data to the back-end server.

Industrial design

The industrial design was done on the basis of a market analysis that helped determine industry trends and assess competitive approaches. Our analysis was presented to the client along with seven product concept designs (example shown below). We quickly developed prototypes to test customer acceptance and a final design prototype was created to ascertain overall market acceptance.

Electronic design

Design complexity is almost a certainty, especially when trying to fit a complete set of electronics into a confined form factor. Hardware engineering expertise is critical in this regard because board design requires a fairly dense component layout, which alone will ensure its compliance with form factor restrictions. Design value and cost is driven as a value engineering activity that ultimately produces a detailed bill of material (BOM), which is pegged to the cost constraints set by the client.

Product integration testing

Infosys is also responsible for the product validation at the bench. This includes creation of all the test harnesses and plans needed to perform the following tests: End-to-end functional, hardware, application, regulatory and environmental.


  • Integrated motion sensors that collect data based on vehicle movement over time – using a three-axis gyroscope, accelerometer, and compass
  • Bluetooth – compatible with Android and iOS
  • Smartphone-based GSM technology – for wireless communication through a mobile application

This product goes into the 12-volt port inside the car and transmits attitude data to a back-end server via a mobile phone using Bluetooth technology. The algorithm at the back-end server creates the driving profile of the driver based on data received from the product. The driving profile generated in this manner is used by insurance companies to set the premium for a particular user based on her / his driving skills.


  • Turnkey device development integrating multiple industrial design, hardware, mechanical, cloud and mobility
  • Product development offered as a managed service; includes vendor management
  • Rapid product conceptualization to reduce cycle time
  • Provides the client the scale required to rapidly ramp up and meet the demand
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