Service Offerings

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Product Consulting, Design and Development

Through various offering rollouts, Infosys provides end-to-end service support – all the way from ideation to market trial and support for product development. We enable clients to maximize returns in areas such as:

  • Consulting
    We support clients using our extensive market analysis on recent technology and business trends, helping clients build roadmaps for various products, services and networks. We also partner with clients in driving their portfolio strategies, business case development, and in evaluating their technology partners and solutions.
  • Engineering and development
    We partner with clients in engineering contemporary products, devices, and platforms across video, voice and data services – leveraging our patented solutions to address the client’s technology needs. This includes partnering with the client in evaluating third-party commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions.
  • Testing and validation
    Leveraging unique and patented automated solutions, Infosys provides a range of services in quality assurance ranging from providing testing certification for devices, product verification, network and systems integration testing, and end-to-end service testing.
  • Deployment
    Infosys offers seamless deployment services through one-touch deployment suites and automated builds for software applications, and manages the smooth rollout of networks and services on the field, directly and remotely.
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