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Efficient Product Factories

Infosys partners with its customers across the globe to help them to improve product quality, drive down costs and generate business value.

Infosys brings in technology and domain experience across industry verticals, next generation technologies with well-defined frameworks and methodologies to define, identify, and drive programs across the product life cycle.

As companies recognize the need to frequently introduce compelling, reliable new products and provide superior customer experience, Infosys Efficient Product Factories services will help them enhance their operations to address challenges and improve efficiency and effectiveness so as to get to market faster, and within budget.

We enable companies in product development through benchmarking and comparative analysis, software architecture assessment, critically assess development, and validation costs.

Infosys Engineering Consulting Practice partners with its clients to reinvent engineering processes by incorporating lean and smart techniques. We analyze current processes along multiple dimensions using our proprietary frameworks and recommend process harmonization technique, workflow automation, metrics benchmarking, and tool architecture rationalization to amplify the engineering process throughput.

We enable companies to enhance their support processes to deliver improved customer experience. Our methodology and reference model help us benchmark current process, identify improvement areas by performing root cause analysis and help implement metrics to measure the efficiency and effectiveness. We provide recommendations to improve product serviceability and streamline processes through service automation frameworks.

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